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Fun facts about online gambling as we know it today

Fun facts about online gambling as we know it today

The slot machine

    • Slot machines are the ingenious invention of Charles Frey who built the first of them in 1899 in San Francisco. The very first of these machines actually used cards as symbols and offered beer and cigars as payouts instead of money.
    • Soon after their invention, slot machines had the card symbols removed and started utilising symbols such as bells and drums.
    • For a while after this, slot machines were called “Bell Machines” because their main symbol was the Liberty Bell. This was until the Bell Fruit Company started supplying gum as some of the jackpot prizes. Because of this company’s participation in the prize giveaways, its logo, what is now the BAR symbol, was included as one of the prominent symbols. Furthermore, to determine which flavour of gum the player had won, symbols of various fruit flavours had to be included as well. This is how the name of “Fruit Machines” was born.

    The standard deck of cards


  • The deck of 52 cards as we know it today was designed by the Europeans, more specifically the French, in the 15th century.
    • The “Jack” as it is known today is actually known as the Valet in the traditional French-designed deck.
    • Most people do not take note of the fact that on a newly opened standard deck of cards the King of Clubs and the King of Diamonds are the two cards that meet in the middle of the deck. They have been nicknamed “the Kissing Kings”.
    • The 15th century saw the Europeans using the face cards on a deck of cards to represent important leaders in history. For the
    • Kings, King David of Israel is represented by the King of Spades; Charles the Great – King of the 8th Century Franks – inspired the King of Hearts; Julius Caesar is shown as the King of Diamonds; and Alexander the Great – King of Macedon – is represented by the King of Clubs.
    • The Queen of Spades is seen as a depiction of Athena, the patron Goddess of Athens and Greek mythological Goddess of wisdom, warfare and divine intelligence. The biblical figure of Judith is represented by the Queen of Hearts while the Queen of Diamonds is representative of Rachel, another biblical figure. Lastly, the Queen of Clubs was named Argine which is an anagram for Regina. Regina is the Latin word for “queen”.
    • The Jack of Spades was called Ogier the Dane who was a legendary hero of his time and the valiant knight of Charles the Great. French warrior, La Hire, was the inspiration behind the Jack of Hearts; the mythological hero of Iliad, Hector, inspired the Jack of Diamonds; and Sir Lancelot of the Arthurian Legend was the name associated with the Jack of Clubs.
    • On the other hand, the four suits present on each deck of cards represent ancient Kingdoms and Empires. The Spades, Clubs, Hearts and Diamonds represent the Middle East, Ancient Greece, the Holy Roman Empire and the Roman Empire respectively.
      Additionally, the card colours red and black were meant to represent day and night.
  • General

    • The very first online casino was made live in 1996 while the first online poker site, Planet Poker, went live in 1998 alongside the first Bingo site.
    • The first online casino to offer real money gambling was powered by Microgaming and launched in 1997 under the name “Internet Gambling System Version IV”.
    • Pathological gambling is a more severe form of gambling addiction that was declared a clinical condition in 1980.
      The total of all the numbers on a Roulette wheel (1-36) adds up to what is known as the devil’s digits 666.