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There have been a number of interesting studies conducted in the last number of years that measure the benefits of completing puzzles such as a maze on the brain of the participant. Although it is particularly hard to measure the long term benefit of completing puzzles or mazes, researchers have demonstrated that in the short term completing a amaze or a puzzle results in a happy and relaxed brain. People who are aware of the healthy effects that completing a puzzle or a maze (like this one below with solution) has on their brain have been quick to adopt the practice of spending time solving one of thee puzzles before any nerve inducing activity. A related feel of research that has also come to light in more recent years is the positive effect that being in close contact with a gentle pet can have on your emotional and mental health. Animal therapy has been growing tremendously in popularity in the last number of years as a result of the very positive results it has produced. What is exciting to note is that even in our everyday life we can use problem solving and being in close contact with animals to our benefit. For example, even an activity that is incredibly enjoyable such as playing at one of the top rated Canadian mobile casinos can be anxiety inducing, if we combine our gaming session with a few anxiety reducing behaviors such as completing a maze before we begin and playing in the company of a pet cat, we can have a positive impact on the outcome of our game. Playing a game at the mobile casino when we are calm and relaxed will result in us making better decisions and possibly alter the outcome of the game.

big smiley maze